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Tree Planting

Tree planting at Solar Farm
Tree in protected enclosure
Mature Tree Planting

We supply and install trees from a 60cm sapling all the way up to large semi mature specimens.

HEC Ltd has gained a wealth of experience using the most modern techniques in tree planting over the past 20 years.

Urban Trees

Trees planted into stressful harsh urban areas need the best start that’s why we always install irrigation, aeration and structural soil to ensure the long-term health of each tree.


Over the past 20 years we have planted 100’s of avenues, good species choice for the location and area is essential and spacing plays a major role in how the avenue looks and feels.

Traditional Orchards

We have a passion for planting traditional fruit trees.  The 3 counties of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire has a huge heritage with many villages having their own varieties.  Extensive work with a local grower has resulted in bringing a variety back from extinction!

Shelter Belts and Screening

Good design and species choice allows areas to be planted up to give the natural impression and giving privacy.

Single Specimens

We are able to source trees from the UK and all over Europe ensuring we are able to provide the tree of your choice.

Instant Hedges and Pleached Trees

These have become more popular in recent years and provide an instant solution.  Size and species choice can all be addressed.

Transplants and Hedges

Bare root transplants provide a cost effective solution to tree planting.  They are low cost and require a low amount of maintenance in their early years of establishment.  They provide a solution for numerous planting conditions and ecological demands of new developments.
Bullet point Use native trees and plants. Plant varieties that flower throughout the year alongside evergreen species.
Bullet point Dead logs and leaf litter. Leaving a pile of logs and not being too tidy in the autumn can support a vast variety of wildlife including beetles, frogs, toads.
Bullet point Delay cutting back perennials until the spring. The seed heads that remain provide valuable food for birds and other animals through the winter. The stems and foliage also provide valuable shelter for hibernating insects such as Lacewings and Ladybirds who are valuable predators of aphids.
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