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Landscape Management

HEC Hereford Landscape Mitigation
HEC Hereford Landscape Mitigation
HEC Hereford Landscape Mitigation

The aim of Landscape Mitigation is to reduce the negative impact of any particular development project.

Initial good planning and design are vital to reduce the impact of any project and ensure protection and sustainability of the surrounding natural habitat. This helps to ensure that, wherever possible, existing wildlife is incorporated into the scheme and are protected.

There is a direct relationship between ecological impact and the development of landscapes, as the two are connected. Woodland, riparian paths, trees, grassland and wildlife are all key components of any landscape and need to be evaluated and monitored by conducting ecological appraisals. This is of vital when establishing the objectives of a new project.

Landscape Management Plans

HEC can ensure all conditions are imposed upon a property development by Local Authority planning department are satisfied.

The resulting plan will deliver a sustainable and cost effective strategy, that will enhance any new property development.

Habitat Enhancement Scheme

Designing for bio-diversity using modern techniques to deliver integrated systems that address multiple challenges facing Architects and Property Developers.

The Habitat Enhancement Scheme can also be integrated into a Landscape Management Plan.

Landscape Design

We provide a simple solution to integrate Landscape Architecture and practically for your external premises.  We can create a simple plan or a fully detailed scheme with planting schedules.  Having extensive experience from numerous developments we bring knowledge to a project ensuring the design cost does not encroach into the actual planting budget.  We believe that a good design will actually save you money

Ecological Surveys

Phase 1 Habitat Surveys are usually a pre-requisite to a planning application. The survey gives a baseline indication of what is present on the site, which can increase or decrease the likelihood of a further Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey being required.

Our in-house Ecologist is able to satisfy the requirements of these ecological surveys to ensure legislation is complied with, in a timely and cost effective manner.

Bullet point Wildlife conservation has a legal obligation under The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981&1985; features must be identified, adequately recorded and mapped.
Bullet point Britain & Ireland have 25 native species of bumblebee. Three species have already become nationally extinct.
Bullet point The Barn Owl was considered very common during the 19th century. Intensive farming has resulted in a loss of good foraging habitat and the decline of this species.
Bullet point A single little brown bat can eat up to 1000 mosquitoes in one hour. It is one of the world's longest-lived mammals, for its size, with life spans of almost 40 years.
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