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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance in Herefordhire from HEC
Landscape maintenance in Herefordhire from HEC
Business Park Maintenance
HEC Landscape Maintenance

Ensuring your commercial environment is maintained and attractive will both enhance your corporate image and provide a vibrant space to stimulate and encourage your staff. Regular landscape maintenance will ensure that your open spaces are kept healthy, clean, safe and attractive.

HEC landscape packages are tailored to your exact requirements, these typically include regular landscape maintenance such as weeding, grass cutting and scheduled monthly, seasonal or annual appraisals. By working in partnership we are able to deliver first class quality and customer service.

Our clients include both facilities managers and government contractors, managing corporate areas and public buildings such as schools and hospital grounds.

An operational plan is developed for each client, dependent on their individually needs :

Bullet Services required
Bullet Induction Training
Bullet Method Statements
Bullet Risk Assessment
Bullet Control of work
Bullet Ground Maintenance work plan

The HEC landscape maintenance package will both help maintain your site and minimse possible health and safety hazards such as trip hazards and over hanging branches.

Maintenance is essential in the early years of any project; delaying will increase the risk of fatalities and subsequently increase the overall cost.
The adoption of high standards will significantly reduce long-term costs. A well maintained landscape will grow and mature into an environment to be proud of.
Monitoring a landscaped site is a cost effective method of landscape maintenance. HEC can provide good value monitoring packages which include the provision of a detailed report.
Bullet point Spring and Autumn pruning will keep your development looking neat and tidy.
Bullet point Weed Control – Regular border care will keep check on evasive weed problems.
Bullet point Grass Care – Regular mowing will ensure neat verges and again keep weed problems down.
Bullet point Monthly maintenance visits are cost effective as all border care, grass care & weeds are kept in check.
Bullet point Keep your staff happy - encourage your staff to maximise their breaks & enjoy the outdoor spaces on a regular basis.
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